Join us for “NLDigital NextGen: 5G & Health” on 12 November 2020

“It’s time for the NLdigital NextGen Innovation Technology Event on Thursday, November 12th (online, MS Teams). After all the conspiracy theories about 5G we will, together with leading experts, look at the benefits and possibilities of 5G for healthcare. Four fantastic speakers from around the world will address the topic of 5G & Health and share their vision and knowledge on the topic. And we made it possible for you to (digitally) be there and join in! The speakers highlight the topic of 5G & Health from different perspectives:

David Doherty, Founder, 3G Doctor and Blogger at David will take us into the journey of the convergence of mobile and health. What’s the potential of 5G for the 3G Doctor? 

Juljana Hysenbelli, Product Lead: Healthcare & Wellness Sector, Vodafone

Fernando Kuipers, Associate Professor 5G in Healthcare Research, Technische Universiteit Delft.

Register for inline event here (FREE)

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