Is this a good opportunity for an Epic Analyst?

Was offered a 12-month contract to go through an extensive Epic Analyst training program that aims to have me performing at 80% of a mid-level Analyst by the end of the 12 months. They’re offering to pay for my training and certification in Cogito, Caboodle, and Clarity, as well as free training in any other IT area/ professional development. I’d be walking in the door as a Junior Analyst payed 30/hr and essentially learn on the job while training, with a 40 hour per week cap. Does this sound like a good opportunity? About me: 24 year old Finance major that spent the last year as an Account Executive doing sales for an IT Services Vendor. I have zero background in hands on IT or even analyst work, outside of the minimal SQL and Pivot Tables I did for my degree. Never worked in a hospital or clinical environment at all. My questions are, how realistic does it sound for me to be able to learn Epic, SQL, clinical verbiage, etc without drowning? What are your thoughts on the value in the offer itself? I have a million questions, so if any kind soul is open to chatting with me I’d be really grateful. Cheers!
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