Is finishing my Masters in Health Informatics worth it?

Hello. I was hoping I could get some advice and insight from this community. I was wondering if it’s worth it to finish my Masters in Health Informatics? It is a CAHIIM accredited. I’ve only taken 3 classes; they were very high level and not very helpful. I don’t have a clinical background or IT experience so it seems to be nearly impossible to transition into health informatics. Most positions such an EHR analyst wants someone with a clinical background or already have EHR experience. Others such as a business intelligence analyst, data analyst, or application analyst want someone with a computer science, information technology, or information systems bachelors with many years of experience. More and more I find that this Masters only help someone move up who are already in healthcare or health informatics but not for entering the field. Rather than sinking in more time, effort, and money into the Masters in Health Informatics, I was thinking of pursuing a post-baccalaureate in information systems instead and finish with a Masters in information systems or go the MHA route. I don’t want to end up with another useless degree. Is there any reason to finish my Masters in Health Informatics? Would having a MS in Health Informatics be beneficial in the future somehow without a clinical or IT background?
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