Inside Cybersecurity Interview with HITRUST Leadership Team

By Carl Anderson, Chief Legal Officer, Senior Vice President – Government Affairs
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, HITRUST is supporting the global public health community’s work to keep people safe and informed. Since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a public health emergency in January, we’ve taken steps at HITRUST to act with agility as the healthcare industry is determined to maintain productivity despite the COVID-19 response impacting many levels of business continuity.
When social distancing and remote working were requested by the federal government and the states, HITRUST adapted quickly to align with the new restrictions. We did not want our on-site requirements to be the reason that organizations could not continue to meet or maintain their regulatory or compliance obligations. Therefore, we temporarily adjusted our requirements to allow organizations the flexibility to maintain compliance without sacrificing the health or safety of their workforce during these times.
Jeremy Huval, Chief Compliance Officer, Bimal Sheth, Vice President of Assurance Services, and I participated in an exclusive Q&A with Inside Cybersecurity to provide clarification on the importance of agility during the COVID-19 shutdown.
Topics addressed within this article include: how HITRUST adjustments can serve as a model for other organizations in the wake of the pandemic; our view on the longer-term impact of business disruptions from the novel coronavirus on the cyber certification community; and how long the certification process will take when business returns to the new normal. Click here to read the Q&A with Inside Cybersecurity in its entirety.
“Customers and partners can rest assured that while we all navigate together through this uncharted territory, HITRUST has implemented plans to enable business functions to operate as usual, including sales, support, assurance, compliance, and the HITRUST Academy. We are also updating impacted policies and programs to accommodate circumstances created as a result of COVID-19.”
We cannot comment on the impact that COVID-19 might have on other certification programs; we can only share our own experiences, that as assessed entities are challenged to find new ways to operate, they seek alternatives to maintain the highest level of assurance and continuity. HITRUST will continue to deliver the highest-level assurance reports while remaining nimble enough to react to and support the needs of assessed organizations and those performing the assessments.
As we move through this pandemic together, you can rest assured that HITRUST will remain a trusted partner for you.
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