Ideal Health extends partnership with HIMSS for digital maturity models

Ideal Health, a digital consultancy specialising in healthcare, has extended its partnership with HIMSS for three years to support organisations assess and prioritise digital maturity.
Phil Sinclair, Consulting Director and HIMSS Lead at Ideal Health Consultants, said: “In the past year, Ideal has been an extremely active HIMSS Certified Organisation in the UK and has worked with both individual organisations as well as those at regional levels to assess and prioritise digital maturity using EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model), O-EMRAM (Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model) and CCMM (Continuity of Care Maturity Model) in both the UK and Middle East.”
The company is now expanding the models to include INFRAM (Infrastructure Adoption Model), CISOM (Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model) and AMAM (Analytics Adoption Model).
In a recent HTN Now presentation, Jonah Aburrow-Jones, Client Engagement Director, said: “Digital maturity isn’t just about systems, it looks far beyond that; it looks at the supporting infrastructures and above all it is how people use those systems and how digital enables information to be shared across organisations.”
“Another aspect is from a transformational perspective; it allows you to look at things from clinical services, strategy and governance, to help improve performance, financial stability and patient outcomes” said Jonah.
In the session Jonah and Phil share some of their lessons learned in driving digital maturity and transformation:

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