How Can a Pain Management Center Help Deal with Fibromyalgia

Did you know that Fibromyalgia affects close to 10 million adults in the U.S.? Several adults, especially women, seek help for pain management Greenbelt as women are more prone to pain caused by Fibromyalgia. Investigation and research suggest that Fibromyalgia is a neuropathic pain syndrome. Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain, though what causes muscle pain is still a mystery.
It may be a great idea to go biking in Rockburn Skills Park. However, with treacherous bike trails, accidents and back injuries cannot be ruled out. Not to worry though, you can always consult a specialist for pain management in Greenbelt if you meet with an unfortunate accident.
The Symptoms
Widespread pain in the body is one of the primary symptoms of this condition. However, the symptoms may vary from person to person, and the pain can worsen if your stress levels are high.
The average Maryland temperature fluctuates from 65 degrees F in July to 28 degrees F in January, with Central Maryland experiencing milder temperatures than the western parts. Sometimes, these changes in the weather can trigger Fibromyalgia, as also physical inactivity for a long time.
The pain often feels like an ache that can turn into a sharp, shooting pain or cause a burning sensation in some patients. Fibromyalgia patients often complain of waking up tired, despite resting for a long time.
Symptoms may affect your thinking, leading to focus and memory problems. However, it takes a specialist to detect body symptoms like muscle pain, numbness, chest pain, and weakness. Being a centralized pain disorder, Fibromyalgia involves a change in your brain’s neurotransmitters which convey the pain message. 
The Diagnosis
Fibromyalgia involves several emotional factors besides the physical ones as it depends on how your body processes the pain signals. You may experience jaw pain, headaches, teeth grinding, listlessness and fatigue, etc.
A random test may not reveal much, and hence if the pain has been bothering you for more than a couple of months, it is time to visit your specialist in pain management in Greenbelt even if you live in Glenn Dale or Fort Washington.
Your physician may have ordered a series of blood tests, followed by imaging tests. You may even have to visit your dentist, neurologist, or rheumatologist to rule out other conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, or multiple sclerosis before seeking help from a pain management specialist treating Fibromyalgia.
What a Pain Management Specialist Will Do for You
A pain management specialist is well-equipped to handle cases related to chronic pain, thanks to their special training in pain complications and how to treat it with a combination of drugs, relaxation therapies, and technologies.
A multidisciplinary approach works while treating the physical and mental aspects of severe pain caused by Fibromyalgia. Besides the drugs the specialist prescribes, non-medicine treatment is equally important. Your specialist may advise a regimen of physical exercises coupled with stress management as part of the therapy to treat pain and fatigue.
Multimodal Therapy
Research indicates that a multimodal therapeutic approach, including meditation and yoga, may optimize treatment efficacy, though it is a complementary treatment approach. While a trigger point injection may provide instant relief from muscle pain, it may not be the answer to long-term relief from the pain associated with Fibromyalgia.
The secret of assured treatment success lies in deploying individualized treatment options. Your pain management specialist will work in tandem with your primary care provider, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and other healthcare providers to get better results and permanent relief from pain.
Summing it Up 
Treating Fibromyalgia with just drugs may not work with most patients. What is required is a multimodal therapy approach, where a combination of drugs, relaxation techniques, and stress management provides better relief and a permanent cure.
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