How Aycan’s Mammography Has Helped In Viewing Mammograms Efficient

Aycan Medical System helps you meet the essential needs of the medical institutions, hospital and radiology centres by offering you solutions like thin-client web viewer, x-ray printer, mammography work station beyond your PACS needs. Intended to improve the nature of consideration while diminishing its expense, Aycan Medical System use the profound clinical mastery, intentional development, and commitment to give brilliant solutions for medicinal image viewing in PCS, portable, tablets and so on.
Accomplish clinical magnificence through a brisk, simple access to patients extensive records. Aycan Radiology with the Advanced Mammography bundle empowers radiologists to study 3D mammograms and delivers a solitary access point for an all-encompassing perspective on your patients medical history as well as suitable workflows for unique customer needs.
Aycan Mammography Workstation is particularly created for mammography pictures viewing and, with CAD support built-in. Utilizing the technology of excellent image processing, Aycan Mammography Workstation can recognize and check the suspicious tissues on the mammography pictures to help specialists make a precise diagnosis.
Aycan mammography workstation can finish the mammography reading flow from image archiving and management, view and advanced post-preparing (computer-aided design) to film printing and editing medical reports with some steps. And furthermore, it very well may be flawlessly working along PACS/RIS, meeting the radiologists real needs.
Profitability additions are accomplished not just by multi-modality reads from a similar workstation yet also with highlights planned explicitly for breast imaging workflow, for example,
• Anatomical inversion of grayscale and Mirrored image linking
• Configurable console, mouse, and keypad macros that empower clients to further modify and repeat the conduct of a devoted workstation
• Pre-set mammography formats according to Industry standards
Aycan Mammography Workstation Module likewise provides apparatuses for diagnostic tools. Alongside computer-aided design support (with configurable archiving for computer-aided design items) and tools for image manipulation, it conveys the discretionary AIE Image Enhancement Module to help with envisioning and assessing nuances in advanced mammograms. Accuracy is further improved by AIEs modern processing, which upgrades the lucidity of abnormalities in dense breast tissue.
Incorporated mammography tracking is accessible and gives another boost in productivity just as a method for structuring persistent connections with patients.
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