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Hope matters. You matter. During this time of Pandemic and continued national stress, let’s talk about hope.
At #hcldr we spend all of our time talking and listening to everyone we meet in healthcare and other fields. We see the opportunities to bring people together, listening to many points of view. After all, no one has all the answers. Sometimes, in the roar of all the talking, meeting, and sharing, we still miss the people suffering silently. I want to talk about that today.
Suffering in silence impacts all types of people, without a doubt. Healthcare workers are especially vulnerable since they are often the folks others come to for help themselves. Where does that leave the patient, nurse, social worker, or physician who is suffering? Not in a good place, let me tell you.
Let’s find space for communication, hope, and understanding.
Please join us on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 8:30pm Eastern as we discuss the following topics:

T1: We have all been impacted. What impacts of depression / stress / personal & professional burnout have you seen? Examples?

T2: What must be done to provide hope, openness, support, and care for those in healthcare (& beyond) impacted by depression & loss of hope?

T3: How might social media be a good place to get support for depression, risk of suicide, and burnout? Examples?

T4: What about your experience, who should take responsibility for these trends & who might act to help mitigate the tragedies and restore hope?

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