Hi! I hope I’m in the right reddit. Anybody who is currently working as an HIM professional in Canada? I have a few questions and getting feedback is a bit hard since not a lot of people seems to be familiar with this career at all. I am already currently working as a coder and I am planning to take an HIM program maybe next year. I would like to know: ​
How’s your work as an HIM professional? Is it stressful? The reason I ask is because my current job is freakin’ stressful and I want to kinda gage if the scenario is somewhat the same. Is it worth getting a diploma and would the job prospects be good? I had someone say the program is “useless” which is a bit disheartening.
If you took the time to read and reply to me I would be super appreciative. I feel sometimes finding people who work in this field are kinda elusive…
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