HealthStream Acquires Policy Management System ComplyALIGN for $2M

What You Should Know:

– HealthStream, a provider of workforce
and provider solutions for the healthcare industry acquires
ComplyALIGN (incorporated as ProcessDATA,
Ltd.), a Chicago-based healthcare technology company for $2M in cash.

The number of policies and procedures that a typical hospital needs to manage
and continue to process rarely falls below one thousand. Staff members must
know what’s expected of them and have rules and procedures to guide their
day-to-day tasks—and this covers a vast array of practices, including those
involving administrative practices, federal and state compliance, patient care,
medicine, use of IT, and human resources.

With policies in so many areas, policies and procedures for hospitals need to
be well organized, accessible, searchable, and easily updated—all within a
coordinated, collaborative workflow. ComplyALIGN’s policy management system is
a highly sought-after and utilized solution for these needs.

ComplyALIGN’s products are used by over 200 healthcare facilities, including
over 150 hospitals. ComplyALIGN also does business as HospitalPORTAL, which
focuses on hospital intranet solutions that integrate with ComplyALIGN’s policy
management system.

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