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Welcome to the home stretch of 2021! We’re all been through so much and have seen more than we ever imagined this year, there is no denying that. Let’s take a moment to look at where we are and what we share for hopes in 2022. I can’t forget today is the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack – one of the true pivot points in world history. One word comes to mind – resilience.

Today’s #hcldr is giving everyone a space to come to visit, drop-in, breathe, share, and not feel pressure during this time of stress AND hope. Share, vent, grow, sit. It’s up to you. We are here because of the community and we hope you’ll leave with some comfort!

Join us tonight, December 7, 2021 at 7:30pm Central for #hcldr. We’re waiting for you.


T1 How are you doing? Please share what matters to you today – family, work, friends, you name it.

T2 How do you think things will look when we cross into 2022? Will priorities change?

T3 How has this crisis changed you?

T4 What is the single biggest lesson you have learned to date from facing the pandemic? What advice do you have for our children?

Photo by CARL HUNLEY JR on Unsplash

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