Got Patient Negative Reviews? How to turn reviews for hospital growth?

Got Patient Negative Reviews? Unseen benefits and turn for growth
Patient Reviews generates best organic inbound leads for hospital
Patient ReviewsThe healthcare ecosystem today is rapidly changing in terms of having modern technology, state-of-art equipment, highly qualified doctors, and good infrastructure. With all these in place, it’s also important to see how well connected are you with your highly digital patients in terms of analyzing whether these services are adding value to your patient’s care experience.
One such great tool to help you understand your patient’s experience & service delivery by Patient Reviews.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys are anyway an essential part of the patient care in most of the healthcare facilities, why not use the power of these surveys and put them in the best place to boost your healthcare marketing strategies?
Online Patient Reviews are an influential and powerful way to boost your online presence and improve patient retention. According to a study, almost 50% of patients check online reviews in choosing a physician and this number is increasing every year. Reviews can be posted on your practice website and also on social media pages like Facebook. However, in this process don’t forget to address negative reviews, a sensitive topic especially in healthcare. Pay attention to these and make necessary changes wherever required, this would help you understand your patient’s exact need.
How do patient reviews improve my online ranking?
A Pricewaterhouse Cooper survey revealed that 42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews and referrals of specific treatments or physicians. There are many factors that Google uses to determine rankings for search queries, which includes the physical address of your practice, consistency of your listings, number of mentions across the web, and reviews; of these reviews play a vital role. Having an online review suggests Google that it is a real place, more positive reviews indicate it’s a popular practice and well-liked.
Patient engagement on your website through online reviews >> increases traffic to your site >> reduces bounce rate >> thereby inducing people to know more about you >> which would obviously get you more footfalls.
How to Respond to Reviews?
Patients always demand your attention, whether it’s a positive review or a negative one, it’s mandated to respond. Thank your patients when they leave a good review and in case of a negative review, draft an apology or explanation of a situation, address these with much more concern. If an action is supposed to be taken, then don’t hesitate, make changes as required, learn from your mistakes and move on. And make sure your response to negative reviews are also appearing in the digital media.
Patients analsyiing the reiew also looks for negative reviews. If you have all positive reviews then it looks managed reviews. They should see positive, negative reviews with your actions done. This gives them confident to come to you.
How to ask for a review?

Ask directly — make a small process change, ask your patients to fill out a feedback form while they are about to leave the practice. Make sure the form is not a lengthy one and has more of objective questions. Pitch to those patients who have been visiting and availing your services since long.
You can implement this step easily by using a Healthcare CRM, which allows you to create feedback forms according to your practice and pushes these reviews on your practice website or social media pages according to your preferences.

Send personalized emails/text messages — depending on your patient’s preferred communication mode, send them a thank you message while asking their time to fill out the feedback form.
This again is a powerful toolset in a Healthcare CRM, since it has all the patient-related data, you can send personalized emails/messages according to the service your patient has availed.

Train your staff — nothing works wonders when your staff greets your patient and makes them feel at home. Small gestures will help your patient to be more connected, leaving a lasting effect and hence getting you a positive review.
DocEngage Patient Feedback App allows your patient to fill out feedback in just 1 minute. It is enabled in tablet and also in other devices. AI bots enabled so the feedback becomes specific based on patient and the departments. It is integrated with all hospital departments, so questions can be different for IPD, OPD, Lab, Pharmacy, OT or even ER. It has an NPS score to measure overall patient experience score and the best part, based on the patient click and responses, the bot will identify the mood of the patient and decide the number of and type of questions to be asked.
What more can you ask for? A Tech that listens to your Patients Effectively and drives organic footfall…
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