Google Cloud Launches Intelligent COVID-19 Vaccine Impact Solution with AI-Powered Forecasting, Sentiment Analysis

What You Should Know:

– Google Cloud, today announced the launch of its Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution, a set of core solutions to help regional and local governments deliver successful COVID-19 public health strategies, ranging from vaccine information and scheduling to distribution and analytics, to forecasting and modeling COVID-19 cases, and more.

– The Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution includes forecasting and modeling COVID-19 cases to inform vaccine distribution, vaccine distribution, appointment scheduling, eligibility screening, and communications, and sentiment analysis around vaccine acceptance.

– The Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution will help increase vaccine availability and equitable access to those who need it, and assists governments in building awareness, confidence, and acceptance of vaccines.

–  Google Cloud is already deploying the Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution in a number of states including North Carolina and New York. North Carolina, for instance, is currently engaged with Google Cloud on several of the solution’s components to help streamline their vaccine rollouts.

– New York State is leveraging Google Cloud technology to help with COVID-19 pre-screening for eligibility, stood up a vaccine information portal as part of the solution to determine if New Yorkers are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The portal provides an easy-to-use questionnaire for citizens to determine eligibility, and then refers them to the state’s system to schedule a vaccine visit at state-run vaccination sites.  

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