Geriatrics Requires Compassionate, Consistent, and Creative Nursing

“The primary function of a gerontology nurse is to collaborate with patients, the local community and families in order to deliver the highest possible quality of life to the elderly,” explains, naming five specific characteristics needed for nurses to succeed in the field of gerontology, including:

attention to detail

Gerontology is a rapidly growing field that offers great professional opportunities for nursing professionals. At the same time, geriatrics presents unique challenges, as is careful to discuss in detail:

Nurses must identify their own coping mechanisms, as facing the issues of death and dying can lead to anxiety and depression.
Impaired mobility, memory disturbances, and illness make elderly patients more difficult to handle.
The abuse and neglect many older patients have suffered before arriving at the care facility is difficult for nurses to handle,

Age-related body changes, chronic health conditions, and the side effects of medications all serve to make patient care of the elderly more intense and demanding for nurses.

As the AARP partners with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to form the Future of Nursing Campaign for Action, chief among the clinical practice problems they discovered were:

skin care
fall prevention
dementia care
advanced directives

When it comes to skin care, Action Products has been part of the pressure injury prevention initiative since its inception, with the key element in our company’s products being the Akton© gel used in chair cushions, adaptive pads, and mattress overlays, all designed for preserving skin integrity and the prevention of pressure injuries.
Geriatrics requires compassionate, creative, and consistent nursing, but the field also requires products that avoid pressure injuries in a very vulnerable patient population!

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