It’s almost free to do and can raise a lot more money without asking for it more.  That’s as close to silver bullet as one can get.

What’s the one thing that created this much lift?  Asking for feedback about the online giving experience.  That’s it.   You get lift from those who give feedback plus those who don’t.  The mere act of asking changes behavior.

The real “killer app” in this data?

The behavior data is six months after the single ask for feedback about their experience as a (non-financial) supporter. 

And if you elect to be responsive to the feedback and apologize for a bad experience and build on a positive one (e.g., ask for a friend referral or to share their giving on social) you get even more lift.

What’s more, you’ll unearth systematic user experience pain points in the negative feedback data and you’ll get even more  conversion lift by fixing those things.

Want to learn more about this case study and how to systematize user experience data in your online giving?   Register for free here for our learning session.


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