For anyone who works with Epic’s MyChart Questionnaire: Can you build surveys that allow for “gating?”

For example: Is it possible to launch a survey only after a certain condition is satisfied? Second question: Can assessments be sent in a “batch” or “set?” Or do they need to be sent one at a time? Some background: I work in healthcare, but not with Epic, but our health system uses Epic. Specifically, I build tools for Psychologists/Psychiatrists to help with referrals – and we want MyChart to administer standardized behavioral health assessments. (This information can help us place patients in appropriate care because our psychs specialize in different areas.) The assessments will ask questions around sensitive topics like anxiety, suicide ideation, substance use, etc – but we want to ask targeted/sensitive questions only if patients indicate they are struggling in these areas. Example: Step 1) Patient endorses “Yes” to a 1-question item about doing illegal drugs in the last year Step 2) A 10-item standardized assessment about drug-use are launched (the DAST-10 is commonly used) I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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