Follow up post to EMR analyst position interview

I had a face-to-face interview for an EMR analyst position. They use a lesser known software and they manage this system for about 10 different healthcare facilities around the local area. First of all the guy told me he would call me back to let me know if I would be moving to phase 2 of interview process and he ghosted me. That says a lot to me. A lot. Second of all please tell me that the job description I’m about to list is not typical for this kind of position. They wanted about 20 hours a week of small classroom teaching. Teaching professionals, likely orientees how to use the emr software. The rest of the work was divided up between answering tickets that come through, or traveling to facilities around the city. They don’t really do much implementation. The job sounded very boring and not challenging. Also teaching EMR software to a small classroom 20 hours a week sounds terrible to me. So is this a typical EMR analyst role? If so I should pursue something else. Thank you for your feedback!
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