Essential Maintenance For Your Dental Treatment Rooms

There is nothing more important than a well-kept treatment room to make sure that the patient experience is one of feeling at ease and reducing the risks of any unforeseen complications as a result of treatments. To that end, you need to make sure that you have the right policies and procedures in place to keep the standards of the treatment room high. Here are some of the steps you can take to make that easier.
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Taking care of the chairs
Given that they’re the most traffic parts of the room, it’s only natural that you should ensure that both patient and dentists’ chairs are taken care of. However, this doesn’t need to be overly complicated, just mild soap and water is enough. Make sure you’re choosing dental chairs with impervious barriers so that you don’t need to go to the lengths of disinfecting them on a regular basis. However, if the barrier is compromised due to wear and tear over time, you might need to change that.
Keeping the room free of infection
There are ways to make sure that you’re benefiting from disinfection across the entire room as well. For instance, you can make use of UVC Cleaning Light Systems that can be placed in the room to deliver a safe dose of UCV energy to all surfaces in the room. This doesn’t replace other cleaning methods, of course, but can be added on top.
Offering your instruments more care
It’s essential to ensure you have all the necessary steps in cleaning your instruments. This includes pre-soaking them, cleaning them either with ultrasonic or manual scrubbing and drying. However, you can make sure your instruments are even cleaner by using autoclave wraps before putting them in the sterilizer to make sure the agent can penetrate them properly.
The appearance matters, too
If you want to create the best possible patient experience in your dentist’s room, then you should make sure that you’re taking care of the aesthetics of it, as well. Even if you know a piece of equipment to be safe and clean, if it’s starting to look a little aged and worn, it can start to affect the patient’s confidence. A good way to work out whether or not your patient is likely to notice anything that you haven’t is to look from their perspective. Inspect it from the path they would take and even consider sitting back in the seat.
Work with professionals
As closely as you work with your environment, it might be easier than you think to miss something. Your team might be able to catch what you can’t, but a health and safety audit can help you be sure you’re catching anything that needs your attention.
You can make sure that the treatment room is kept at its most healthy and hygienic without it having to be a huge chore. Just make sure you systematize any methods so it becomes a part of the team’s duty, rather than something they have to remember to do.
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