Hi everyone, I wanted to give an update about how it’s been going for me trying to secure an analyst job at a hospital. Some of y’all might remember my name. This is my fourth update regarding this and since some of y’all have said that you are in the same boat as me and are generally curious as to what the process looks like, I wanted to provide an update. Also, I hope to be of service to people in the future that will be going through this. Since I don’t feel like rehashing the all of my previous posts, I will link them below so you may refer to them to provide some background: Passed the dreaded Sphinx Assessment Epic Analyst Team Interview Post Epic Analyst Team Interview Update ​ Ok now for the actual update: ​ Ok, so I had two additional interviews on the same day with two different teams in the same hospital. Both are analyst positions that I am being considered for. For the sake of trying to remain as anonymous as possible, I’ll leave out the modules interviewed for. ​ Both interviews happened 12/15 (Wednesday). Both of the interviews went very well and both were the cultural fit sort of interview. I actually really enjoyed both of the interviews and thought that all of the people that I spoke with were kind and people that I would want to genuinely work with. The teams of people seem to be very close-knit, even outside of work. Personally, I love being close to my co-coworkers, so this was such a relief to see with both teams. The interviews themselves were basically general questions and zero technical questions. My time in college was brought up by when I was giving examples of teamwork, in addition to projects at work. All in all, both interviews were very positive experiences and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I made people laugh in both of the interviews and our interactions seemed completely genuine. Ok so now I am in limbo again. With the holidays right around the corner, I am worried about having to wait to get a response from the hiring manager. For the record, it has been two months since my initial contact with the manager and since then I have had a total of 4 interviews and an assessment. To say that I am getting frustrated is an understatement. I get that hiring processes take a while, but 2 whole months seems excessive to me. Maybe it’s normal and because I have never been through this, the time that it takes to hire someone seems like overkill. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about that. I am still in the running for two positions, which is good but I was really expecting an answer yesterday (Friday). Can someone reading this give me some clarity about my situation. I feel confident about my chances, but not knowing anything two months into this is something that I literally cannot stop thinking about every day. If you’re a hiring manager or supervisor, I would love to hear your feedback regarding my situation and, of course, if you are an analyst that has already been through this I would also love to hear what you have to say. ​ Thank you all for reading and I hope that the next update I provide here will be good news.
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