EMIS and Elemental enhance reporting for social prescribing

GP practices using EMIS Web will be able to benefit from a new improved integration with social prescribing technology from Elemental.
The new integration supports reporting for GPs to understand the uptake of social prescribing in the community.
It means GP practices can view a patient’s journey and can make and manage referrals, as well as reporting back on their Social Prescribing Directed Enhanced Services, Primary Care Network (PCN) funding.
Dr Rajesh Rajan, GP CWP Westminster Surgery, Clinical Director of Primary Care, CWP NHSFT, said: “The new functionality that Elemental has developed is going to take social prescribing to the next level. The fact that GPs can now see the uptake and impact of the social prescribing referrals they make, within the patient record in EMIS Web is groundbreaking. It will further strengthen the relationship we have with the community and voluntary sector and benefit our patients considerably.”
Dr Faisal Maassarani, GP Partner at Dr Maassarani and Partners, and co-founder of Care Merseyside, added: “This is a great opportunity to see the outcomes of the holistic care that our patients receive as a result of our referrals within our very limited 10-minute windows.”
The company said the integration aims to remove any barriers of receiving information back after a referral and to support an improved picture of the social prescribing referral for the patient.
Leeann Monk Ozgul, Co-Founder at Elemental, said: “For the last three years we have been working in partnership with GPs who use our existing integration within EMIS.  The feedback from the GPs has been great as they said it has made it so much easier for them to refer their patients into their local social prescribing hubs.  However, with the introduction of the PCN DES Funding for social prescribing, there were extra reporting demands on the PCNs time.
“The new integration makes reporting for them much easier whilst also ensuring their patients were fully supported by providing the PCNs, with a 360-degree view of a social prescribing journey.”
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