While going for traveling, hiking you should keep your survival kit in bag and water purification tablets are grateful addition to the kit which survives us where water quality is questionable. These water purification tablets make water more palatable and virus free. As compared to relatively products, purification tablets are much convenient to use and carry. As like other filters there is no need of carrying heavy equipments that acquires lots of space as well which is most important in traveling. Here we have reviewed some best water purification tablets to reach you more closer to the drinking purified water without any hesitation.

Top Water Purification Tablets List


1. Aqua tablets

1.Packaged in resalable foil pouch
2.One tablet is enough for one liter water
3.Color free and avoids bad smell

2.Aquamira tablets

1.Great for purifying contaminated water
2.Valuable in disaster situations

3.Katadyn micro tablets

1.Safer than iodine tablets
2.Viruses, bacteria removal
3.Best for camping, backpacking, traveling, fishing

4.Portable Aqua tablets

1.Comes with 50 tablets bottle
2.useful in emergencies
3.Remover odor quickly

1)Water purifier tablets by aqua

Aqua water purifier tablets are your ultra light solution for fine water in the backcountry
Each tablet is individually packaged in resalable foil pouch. One tablet is enough for one liter water
That’s so easy, just put one tablet in and gives it well time; it’s going to purify cryptosporidium GRT viruses, bacteria. Its gonna make that water tastes good
These tablets are color free and avoid bad smell

2)The aquamira water purification tablets

The aquamira’s best water purification tablets are great for purifying contaminated water such as lake water
The tablet can be used in situations like hiking, handing and disaster situations where clean water is in exceptional
Using the tablet is simple that open the packet, drop the tablet into the water and store in a dark period for four hours to allow complete purification, these tablets will remove viruses, bacteria and sis from the water

 3)Katadyn Micro Water Purification Tablets

 These are chlorine dioxide tablets which are safer than iodine tablets and its rank ZA chemical method by EPA
It’s effective against viruses, bacteria, Cryptosporidium and Giardia
It is very lightweight, small and a has a long shelf life. One tablet will purifies one liter of water. They claim there is no odor and no apitaste; there is a light odor but much better than other products
They have the other water quality temperatures of Clearwater 20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit that takes 15 minutes
Other thing is these tablets are best for camping, backpacking, traveling, fishing, hunting and you know never know could be in an emergency

  4)Portable Aqua water Treatment Tablets

 These are advanced water purification tablets that come with 50 tablets Bottle
Best option for hikers, militaries, travelers and mostly useful in emergency organizations
Removes bad odor and makes taste more fresh within just 15 minutes
Use this product for making contaminated water perfect for drinking
Use by its directed and you can see how effective it is over giardia and lamblia

 Final Thought

We have seen best water purification tablets reviews that will help us at various critical situations. Hope you enjoyed it, if you think anymore superb product should be added to the list then kindly let me know in the comments bellow. Thank you.

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