EarlySense Sells Contact-Free Monitoring IP to Hilron for $30M

What You Should Know:

– Today, health AI/predictive analytics company EarlySense announced that it has sold its proprietary contact-free continuous monitoring technology intellectual property (IP) to Hillrom for a cash consideration of $30 million, potential payments based on the achievement of certain commercial milestones, and a portion of Hillrom’s equity investment in EarlySense.

– As part of the agreement, EarlySense will receive licensing for all IP sold to Hillrom, with which it will continue to serve its global customer base and extend its AI-powered contact-free continuous monitoring technology, predictive analytics capabilities and in-depth clinical knowledge to the rapidly growing virtual care, post-acute and home patient monitoring markets.

– EarlySense’s technology allows for the continuous (more than 100 times per minute) monitoring of patient heart and respiratory rates without ever touching the patient.

– The integrated sensor utilizes artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to notify care teams of clinical changes which may be detected hours before an event becomes critical. The technology is currently used by more than 200 health facilities and 40K+ patient beds and has been adopted by global facilities on the forefront of the COVID-19 battle.

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