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Meaningful Metrics Driving Measurable Results

How Oregon Medical Group Leveraged Real-Time Data to Improve Processes and Transform Experiences


In planning for the opening of their new 46,000 square foot multi-specialty clinic in Eugene, Oregon, Oregon Medical Group knew the physical layout of the facility would present obstacles in patient care. With a centralized check-in and line of sight visibility less than 100%, knowing patient location and status would be a challenge. Oregon Medical Group had to find a solution that could manage the flow of nearly 500 patients daily while optimizing hospital resources.
Oregon Medical Group was introduced to RTLS technology. After careful planning and an aggressive timeline, Oregon Medical Group worked closely with Intelligent InSites to implement their RTLS-based clinic patient flow solution.
The new system has dramatically changed the way Oregon Medical Group delivers patient care. They have seen measurable results such as:

75% reduction in patient wait time prior to being seen by a care provider

50% reduction in time spent waiting in the exam room for the physician

60% reduction in the number of steps taken by medical assistant daily

50% increase in time spent with medical assistant

Time spent with physician increased by 5 minutes per patient

Since implementation, the clinic has now been able to move to patient self-rooming, where patients proceed to the exam room immediately following registration – completely eliminating the waiting room.
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