Dr. Jeremy Orr, CEO, Medial EarlySign on Applying AI to Lab Data — Harlow on Healthcare

Jeremy Orr, MD, CEO of Medial Early Sign, spoke with me about applying the power of AI to lab data to identify and prioritize care for high risk patients so that scarce resources can be targeted where they can do the most good. (Twitter: @JeremyOrrMD, @MedialEarlySign)

HealthcareNOW Radio Podcast Network · Harlow on Healthcare: Jeremy Orr MD, CEO of Medial Early Sign

I spoke with Jeremy as part of my ongoing series of fireside chats with healthcare innovation leaders – Harlow on Healthcare, on HealthcareNOW Radio. Listen to our radio station online, or ask your smart speaker: “Play HealthcareNOW radio station.” You can catch me live weekdays at 8:30 am, 4:30 pm and 12:30 am ET. As each new show goes live, the last one joins the archive, available via SoundCloud or your favorite podcast app (iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio). Your comments are welcome here. Join the conversation on Twitter at #HarlowOnHC.

David Harlow

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