Dorset Healthcare live with Covid Oximetry @home monitoring service

Dorset Healthcare has launched its Covid Oximetry @home monitoring service across the region to help identify and support Covid-19 patients who may deteriorate.

The new service went live on 16th November for the first patients admitted to the virtual ward for monitoring from practices and the local trust, for Dorset’s highest risk Covid-19 patients.
Oximeters are given to people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and considered at higher risk from the disease but are not considered unwell enough to be admitted immediately to hospital.
Low oxygen level in the blood is a recognised complication of the COVID-19 infection and one of the main reasons for people to be admitted to hospital for oxygen therapy and requiring further treatment.
On 12th November NHS England and Improvement recommended all CCGs are to set-up a COVID Oximetry @home model. The new service aims to detect earlier a dangerous drop in oxygen levels and help to provide a faster intervention.
In Dorset, 4,000 Pulse Oximeter devices have been made available for patients, who are asked to monitor themselves through a finger reading three times a day. The readings are sent by SMS or directly over the phone with the Dorset Healthcare team.


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