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“Don’t give up” is my message today to you! We are facing unprecedented COVID19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, plus a serious coup attempt in the United States, as well as a looming mental health crisis from all of the above. What’s the good news then you may ask?! It seems an impossible task, but don’t give up. It’s not contrite to remember the late Dr. Robert Schuller’s famous saying:
“Tough times don’t last, tough people do. ”
~ Dr. Robert Schuller
“Tough people” doesn’t mean you are not impacted, or don’t have (many) serious issues of your own. This ‘toughness’ is about not giving up, hope, relying on friends, family, and community to get though these times. Speaking for myself, when lying in my hospital bed, I needed every bit of my friends, family, and community to make it through. That’s why I am still here today and I truly believe that. 
Suffering in silence impacts us all, without a doubt. Healthcare workers are especially vulnerable since they are often the folks others come to for help themselves. Where does that leave the patient, nurse, social worker, or physician who is suffering? Not in a good place, let me tell you. Only working together and making community important can we make it through all of this.
Let’s find space for strength, communication, hope, and understanding.
Please join us on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 at 8:30pm Eastern as we discuss the following topics:

T1: We have all been impacted by recent events. What impacts of depression / stress / personal & professional burnout have you seen? Examples?

T2: What can we do to provide hope, openness, support, and care for our community and families impacted by depression & loss of hope?

T3: Social media can be a good place to get support for depression, loneliness, lack of community, risk of suicide, and burnout. What positive examples have you seen or been a part of?

T4: Share your views about what comes next for COVID19 and the current political turmoil. What is your hope to see things resolve and then begin to pick up the pieces – human and otherwise?

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