Debunking Martin Pall’s “5G Risk” emf conspiracy theories…

Debunking Martin Pall’s “5G Risk” emf conspiracy theories… Here is my hastily assembled, poorly formatted rebuttal to Dr Pall’s 8 reasons that 5g is the end of the world or whatever. I’m not sure whether this kind of thing is welcome on this sub? I’m trying to advocate for science and fact, given the mounds of misinformation affecting the populous, including most recently a family member who is on the… “With all of the aluminum from vaccines in people’s blood, we will be like transmitters around 5G. It’s part of the whole plan, the Great Reset. They want transhumanism- if they have their way, we will all end up like the Borg” … Bill Gates deliberately started covid, etc., level… Previously I didn’t care enough to debunk like Hillary Clinton being an alien because I don’t find a response to that kind of thing dignifiable, but now, as I don’t want my nephew to be unvaccinated, I figure I’ll try to help this person separate bunk from fact, starting with 5g. I would like some input as to the retort. Here is a link to the document in question. Thanks for your help.
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