Data is the new healthcare currency: Big Data

Unified Digital DataThe core of healthcare is data and every day millions of data are produced by the hospital; diagnosis, prescription, lab, radiology, healthcare wearables (e.g monitor blood sugar or asthma), appointments, billing, feedbacks; everywhere it is all about data some are created or consumed.
As a healthcare organization, you must leverage comprehensive, secure data to drive innovation and stay competitive in today’s app-driven world.
The traditional way of handling patients is no more attracting, consumers expect the organization to know about them instantly on arrival, give a personalized experience, suggest them wellness/prevention lifestyle, participate in their cure progress by monitoring, engage with them beyond the hospital and access their data at the tip of their hand.
The only way you stand out of your competition by innovation in care delivery, engagement, and experience. To achieve this you need unified data!!!!!!
Historically, the healthcare industry lagging behind in technology adoption because of 3 reasons 1. The UnAdaptability mindset in the medical community but it is changing slowly2. Lack of software technology knowledge 3. Lack of Management sponsor.
Your patients are digitally savvy; whatsapp, commute apps(uber & ola), food apps (zomato,swiggy), booking tickets app (train, flight, movies), newspaper apps, weather apps, etc part of your patients daily life.
Innovation in technology is mandatory for hospitals to match emerging tech and digitally enabled consumers.
Consumers seem highly disconnected when they enter hospital; hospital IT systems are fragmented, queueing everywhere, waiting for files, visiting multiple times to collect reports is creating nuisance and waste of time.
Consumers like to visit hospitals where they can communicate, manage and engage with hospital digitally. The hospital must work on comprehensive systems where data is flowing from one place to another
What kills the digital dream of a hospital? Separate, fragmented softwares and love for presentation, excels manual processes 🙂 Separate appointment system, separate HIS, separate ehr, separate communication system, separate feedback system, separate loyalty, separate marketing, separate patient portal, silo machines & medical devices, papers for lab, prescription, radiology reports, papers for discharge forms, assessment forms etc
Healthcare executives recognize that data is the heart of their digital transformation initiatives. With massive volumes of patient data going on various systems in Enterprise/Hospital, it can be an extremely challenging and lengthy task to manage and access large volumes of patient data quickly unless it is integrated and unified.
You need to realize that becoming “digital ” will allow you to capture growth opportunities in new markets, keep up with evolving customer behaviors and respond to new competitive pressures.
How to create this movement on “data”?

Integrated software and systems
Fast data access by patients and providers

Failing to adhere above quickly is equivalent for leaving millions of dollars of growth.

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