COVID SNAPSHOT: What will be the lasting impact of the pandemic on healthcare IT?

On Wednesday November 18, 2020 at 2pm ET, Redox will present our inaugural Redox Quarterly where we discuss how we Grow Through Change in the face of this past year and into the year to come. We address what this all means for our customers, our offering, and how it is affected by the legislative changes in digital health.

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One segment of the Quarterly focuses on a discussion about the status of healthcare AC (after-COVID). Redox co-Founder and President, Niko Skievaski and Terrence Hibbert, the Director of Innovation at University of Mississippi Medical Center respond to how industry experts answered the question: What will be the lasting effect of the pandemic on healthcare IT? 

Below is a snapshot of some of their rather prescient answers. 

Dr. Bill Hanson, CMIO, University of Pennsylvania:

Telemedicine, in a sense, takes us back to the time when much of the care, was provided in the home by doctors who traveled to the patients. We’ve moved to a time when patients must come the the hospital for there care and telemedicine has shown us that there is value in using technology to bridge the gap between the hospital or clinic setting  and the patient’s home. 

Andrew Richards, Amend Health & Pinksocks 

We’re also seeing weakness around broadband and connectivity in many of our rural and underserved communities. How that gets addressed also remains to be seen. Promising technologies like Starlink, which recently deployed here in Washington state for several new pilot projects, seems to be an interesting alternative to traditionally running fiber to some of these communities. 

Matthew Fisher, Chair of Health Law Group at Mirick O’Connell

The pandemic allowed quick adoption of any form of technology with the broadened enforcement discretion exercise in regard to HIPAA but that created a dangerous situation because noncompliance services where then built into the workflow.

Jonathan Bush, Executive Chairman of Firefly Health, Founder of athenahealth

Once the brick and mortar is not the only door into the healthcare system, you have a vastly more open and varying set of buyers for technology. 

Aaron Patzer Founder & CEO of Vital

Post-pandemic I think we’re going to see more real-time interoperability between hospitals—state wide and nationally. Back in March we saw Georgia’s reported COVID cases were well behind what we were seeing live in the emergency department. I think a big part of that discrepancy was due to the manual data gathering and lack of data interoperability.

Stephanie Tilenius, Founder & CEO of Vida

When we work with large payers we get claims data so we call tell who’s been coded for depression and anxiety…after COVID, we ended up seeing 45-60% of the population qualified for mental needs and services. So it’s a big jump. 

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