COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting for Public Health Agencies from Redox

When the pandemic struck, the highest need became finding a centralized way to conduct COVID-19 vaccine reporting and COVID-19 test results to state health agencies nationwide. Redox met that need, and we now support a mix of companies new to state reporting. In this effort, Redox has created the only reusable network for sending COVID-19 results to state health departments. It is designed to allow organizations to scale nationwide as quickly as they can get approval from each state.

Redox provides an efficient way for healthcare developers to deliver integrated products that make the lives of patients and providers better. This usually involves directly connecting to healthcare organizations, EHR APIs, and national networks, such as Carequality. But we’ve found yet another way to apply our fully integrated solution for COVID-19 results reporting.

Scaling Test Reporting

State health agencies are pivotal in providing a centralized way to track COVID-19 results and reporting positivity rates.  The most efficient way to do this is via Electronic Lab Reporting, or ELR, which allows companies providing testing to automate sending results and eliminates the need to dedicate resources to manual reporting processes, such as faxing, online lab portals, secure emails, and spreadsheets.  To learn more about how ELRs work, check out this podcast and our ELR blog. 

The problem you can expect to encounter with any state health agency you want to send results to:

how to establish and maintain connectivity 
the required format for the state to successfully receive results.  

 From This:

To This: 

The Redox Solution:

Rather than handling 50 unique connections based on each state’s custom needs, you can connect to a single Redox endpoint to send COVID-19 results nationwide
A single integration solution for customers that are expanding their supported testing capabilities or even pivoting into a new product line. They are able to take advantage of the opportunity by providing their services to help with COVID-19 test results or COVID-19 vaccine reporting efforts without having to allocate significant development resources.  

Live and installing Redox-enabled COVID-19 vaccine reporting and COVID-19 test results in 90% of the US.
Integration teams continue using the same Redox connection and technology that they’ve been using for integrations with healthcare organizations. 
Redox manages the set-up and maintenance of connectivity and allows you to always use the same JSON format to send data.  We’ll handle translating it into the format each state requires and will send it along using the appropriate channel.  Once you’ve coded up to the Redox API, you can use our expertise and infrastructure to get connected to almost any state quickly and efficiently.

If you’re interested in growing your lab services across hospitals and clinics with the fastest integrations in healthcare, explore Redox as a solution for your Electronic Lab Reporting or your health department needs.

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