COVID-19 Redux – Doing it Different This Time

There can be little doubt now that we are heading into a tough fall and winter. COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise across the globe. Many parts of Europe have already reimplemented lockdowns to reduce transmission and keep their healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. Here in Canada and the US, COVID positivity rates are climbing (and in some places exceeding April’s numbers).
Whether this is the “2nd wave” or just an extension of the 1st that never truly left, we are heading back to a time of stricter physical distancing and reduced time with friends and family. Unlike March, however, we now have the benefit of having gone through this way of life once already.
I thought it would be interesting to hear how the HCLDR community is preparing for this new wave of COVID. What lessons are you going to bring forward to the fall that you learned in the spring?
For my family, we learned the importance of having a bubble with another household. We are fortunate to live only a 10min drive away from my brother-in-law, so this time around we are planning to have the occasional dinner together so that we have others to talk to. Plus our kids get the chance to hang out with their cousins. We only did this late in the first wave and I can tell you it made a huge difference to our collective mental wellbeing.
I’m also curious to know if anyone is preparing differently this time around. I’m not a “prepper” who has years worth of food stored, but I do like to be prepared. Over the past few months I’ve bought a little extra soup, cooking oil (which I ran out of a few times), comfort snacks, cleaners, and of course toilet paper/paper towels. I also bought a small mini BBQ so that we can roast marshmellows and make s’mores (even in the winter!).
I do hope we don’t see a return to the panic buying that caused empty store shelves back in March.
From an entertainment perspective, our family fell in love with the Ticket-to-Ride board game during the 1st wave, so we recently bough the European version and will likely buy one of the other expansion packs. It’s a short, fun game that gets us all laughing together.
We’re also watching a lot of movies – some new ones, some classic ones. Our kids love laughing when old flip phones and cars are on the screen. Don’t even get them started on 80s fashion.
Join the HCLDR community on Tuesday October 20th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will be discussing the following topics:

What do you believe will be different (good and bad) in this next wave of COVID?
What lessons from the first wave of the pandemic will you be using for this next wave? What will you be doing differently this time?
What do you hope to see from healthcare leaders during this 2nd wave that you didn’t see during the 1st?
Share your inspirational mantra, favorite song, book or movie that is your COVID pick-me-up.

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