COVID-19 & Compassion Fatigue: Combatting The Perfect Storm

I was reminded of just how long we’ve been under the grips of COVID-19 the other day. OnShift CEO Mark Woodka has been sending daily emails about a wide variety of topics to the entire OnShift team to help us stay connected and in good spirits while we are apart. Last week, on #ThrowbackThursday, he shared the email he sent to the company at the onset of the pandemic, telling us he was closing the office for the next few weeks. I think that the majority of us were fairly confident we would be back to work and life as we knew it in that proposed time frame. Boy, were we wrong.
This email not only served as a reminder of how lucky I am to work for a company that saw the risks and immediately took action to keep us safe, but reminded me of the serious, unprecedented nature of this virus and the fact that no one saw it coming.

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