Coronavirus Respirators – Mask Made at Home

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made respirator masks a must for everyone around the world. In order to take complete benefit of this horrendous situation, suppliers have made it their goal to release a plethora of disposable face masks. Does this raise a huge question mark for all the consumers as to which is the best face mask? But before that, one must know the importance of wearing a face mask during these trying times.
Why is it significant to wear a face mask?
The coronavirus infection can spread through airborne particles and potentially enter one’s body through their nose and eyes. Therefore, masks must be worn to block the virus particles initially to ensure a safe environment for everyone. This allows repressing the viral transmission while saving the lives of many individuals.
What is the best face mask?
When embracing the new normal, it is essential that an individual knows what the best mask is for them. With the ever-advancing pandemic, names like KN95 respirator masks, disposable face masks, medical face masks, etc. Have become a regular routine. To be exact, respirator masks are considered the most suitable during this time. As compared to the surgical masks, respirator masks like the KN95 respirator mask protect a person from airborne particles, whereas surgical masks are a barrier for splashes and droplets only. Hence, medical respirator masks are more effective than surgical masks.
What is a respirator mask?
The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of outlandish terms with itself, and if one has their mind boggled over them, then they’re not alone! Whether in this article or the current global condition, the most repeated name is the respirator mask. A respirator mask is simply a mask that protects its users from inhaling toxic airborne particles and gases. It is commonly referred to as a facial seal as it provides the wearer with access to fresh and clean air. A respirator mask has two types, disposable respirator masks, and reusable respirator masks. The disposable respirator masks are divided into the KN95 respirator mask and the N95 respirator mask. On the other hand, the reusable masks are either full-face respirator masks or half-face respirator masks.
KN95 Vs. N95 mask: What are they, and what’s the difference?
Even though they are quite the same, they are a bit unalike, but obviously, they’re not as different as chalk and cheese. The KN95 respirator mask and the N95 respirator mask are types of disposable respirator masks. The most significant difference between them is the licensing certification. The KN95 respirator mask is of the Chinese standard; however, the N95 respirator mask is of the US standard. But this factor definitely doesn’t compromise the quality of either of the masks. The KN95 respirator mask is run through fit tests though this is not the case with N95 respirator masks. Even though they filter the same amount of particulate matter, N95 respirator masks have been proven to be slightly more breathable than the KN95 respirator masks. Despite this, both of these respirator masks are equally efficient and are known to work well against the coronavirus.
Can DIY face masks do the job? 
It is clearly evident that with the increasing need for masks, the prices might soar in no time. However, this has been a Eureka moment for many of the do it yourselfers who have come up with DIY face mask ideas. However, the lingering question over this issue is whether these masks are an effective barrier against the virus as compared to the respirator masks or not? To know the answer, it’s of great value that one recollects the meaning of the term “effective” during these times. As it is quite evident that the normal fabric cannot stop the spread of the minute virus, it can totally curb the distance your breath covers. However, neither does it have the systems and mechanism to stop the spread of the coronavirus, nor is that clinically proven.
Conclusively, DIY face masks can be worn in areas where the spread is minimal or in less crowded places where the chances of infections are low. The respirator masks have been specially designed to reduce the flow of airborne particles to the virus vulnerable areas; thus, comparing them to DIY masks is literally equivalent to a comparison of apples and oranges. Therefore, it might be safe to say that DIY masks don’t exactly do the job of respiratory masks; they simply are a cheap alternative that might only prove quite costly to one’s life.
Wrapping it up! 
One might wonder whether masks will remain for the century? The answer, at this moment, is quite uncertain. Even though there has been a rampant development of vaccines, the results have not been that successful. Thus, masks might be here for longer than one can clearly imagine at the moment. But with that comes a huge responsibility for all the people, that is to choose the right mask for the right place. Without making this correct decision, wearing a mask would be equivalent to wearing none at all. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that one wears the designated masks for selected situations and conditions. However, if that’s done right, then one has the initial and primary protection against coronavirus. Even though there might still be a few factors that may cause virus transmission in rare cases, one is still safe as long as they aren’t being a Karen!
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