CoolSeal for Quick and Safe Vessel Sealing Unveiled

Bolder Surgical, a Louisville, Colorado firm previously called JustRight Surgical, is starting the new year by releasing the CoolSeal vessel sealing platform. The initial product offerings are the CoolSeal Trinity device, a 5mm laparoscopic sealer, and the 3mm CoolSeal Mini, both of which work with the CoolSeal generator.

The CoolSeal Trinity (pictured) is able to dissect, seal, and divide vessels using bipolar RF technology in a matter of seconds, while generating a thermal spread of less than one millimeter. This low power capability helps to prevent damage to any sensitive nearby tissues, and the outer jaws are kept constantly cool so they can’t really harm anything accidentally at any time.

“The 360-degree capability of CoolSeal Trinity’s fine-tipped, dual-action jaws allow for precise dissection and quick sealing times with minimal thermal distribution around important structures. It will be a nice addition to my repertoire of surgical instruments,” said Irving J. Zamora, MD, MPH, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, in a Bolder press release.

Product page: CoolSeal

Via: Bolder Surgical

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