Concerned Undergrad: MS Health Informatics

Hello, I am currently a senior about to graduate this summer. I have applied for the MS in Health Informatics program in my school (Rutgers) and got in. However, there is no alumni program or anything so I cant find people who have studied there. But I had some more general questions. I have been reading through a bunch of Reddit pages and I have seen that clinical and analyst experience is important. As an undergrad and future grad student, how can I get that experience now? How can I stay one step ahead? Also, THIS FIELD, how is employment (ups and downs)? Am I gonna be sitting on a couch looking for a job after two years? If you are in school, what is your coursework like now? What kind of responsibilities do people in these fields have? I don’t mean to be negative, and I understand we gotta do things we love and all that. But I really just want to know how I can be successful in this. and I am just freaking out. Thanks.
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