Collection of Healthcare & Healthcare Technology Predictions & Trends for 2019

It’s prediction season and all of the experts, thought leaders, consultants and others operating in and around the edges of the healthcare industry are sharing their lists of predictions and trends expected to take place in 2019 and beyond.

For the fourth year in a row – I’m sharing a list of lists I believe are fit for sharing. That means lists that are not ALL overly broad and that are detailed enough to provide some level of value to you the reader.

Previous Lists of Healthcare Predictions Most Popular of All My Blog Posts

The following three lists of healthcare predictions and trends have been among my most popular blog posts over the last three years.

Collection of Predictions and Trends About Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology in 2018

Collection of Predictions about Healthcare & Healthcare Technology in 2017

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{I get that sharing others work is no special feat on my account}

More Healthcare Predictions & Trends are Coming Soon

One prediction you can be sure to come true is that more ‘Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends’ lists will be released over the next few weeks as 2018 winds down. 

As in previous posts, I’ll update this post with new information as I find them.  So bookmark this page – or better yet – subscribe to this blog and/or follow me on Twitter so you’re easily kept in the loop on what to expect in 2019 and beyond.

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Healthcare Technology-Related Predictions & Trends

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Predictions & Trends on Subsets of Healthcare

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Share What You Find

If you have any of your own predictions or know of lists that I can add to this post, please share them in the comments or send them to me at I’ll add them and attribute them to you – if you want me to do so.

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