This machine uses a 9 pin serial port for communication and has an adapter that connects to the serial port. The adapter has an ethernet female that goes out to a lantronix box. The software on the analyzer says it’s trying to transmit but isn’t hearing back from the lantronix box. It has a loop back functioning the software I can use. I assume there are rs-232 testers that I can purchase but the only real networking experience I have is using ethernet. IT says it’s the machine, the company that makes the machine says it’s IT. Meanwhile the people in the trenches using the analyzer are growing increasingly frustrated that they have to manually program everything and the manually result. My best guess at this point is that the lantronix box isn’t configured correctly and our IT guy won’t come in to help. Taking my best shot, someone needs to telnet into the box and tell it the settings that need to be inputted to take the results the machine is giving and send them to the correct database in the lis. The machine worked fine until it had to be moved. Since then there has been zero communication. I’ve tried different adapters and ethernet cords. The ethernet cords work on other electronics and the adapters have passed all continuity tests . The IT guy is really trying to push this one away. Since covid hit he’s been to the hospital a total of 4 times. Otherwise he works remotely. Two different service technicians have looked over the machine and cannot find any problems . So my problem is that I need to collect enough evidence to make someone take accountability for whatever is going on. I’m sorry I went on a rant there. Lots of frustration. Here is my previous post All of those comments are what has gotten me this far. Thank you to anyone who can weigh in here.
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