CliniSys and Software Testing Solutions partner to automate LIMS software testing

A new partnership between CliniSys and Software Testing Solutions has been announced to support automated software testing of laboratory management and ordering services.
The partnership will support pathology labs introduce automated testing for the clinical laboratory, and help system deployments, software upgrades and patches be delivered and implemented into a live environment quicker.
By introducing automation testing, services can move away from manual testing, and potentially save hours from the mandatory requirements for full user testing and audits that these systems require.
The company said the partnership will accelerate the go-live of CliniSys’ new system deployments and upgrades and improve the quality and depth of testing.
Simon Hurst, Chief Commercial Officer of CliniSys, said: “With their vast experience in designing proven testing solutions for the clinical laboratory, STS was the natural partner for CliniSys. This partnership will further enrich our already extensive suite of products and services and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our customers an innovative approach to streamline and automate user acceptance testing.”
“Our customers struggle with limited resources to deliver the essential levels of software testing and this service will deliver significant time savings ensuring that software upgrades and deployment of new modules are simplified and expedited.”
Discipline-specific test scripts that are tailored to the pathology department’s workflows and testing parameter requirements will be introduced, said to represent a fundamental shift from manual testing and documentation creation to an automated testing regime.
Jennifer Lyle, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of STS, said: “Pathology software and equipment grow in complexity and feature richness every day. This makes it exciting to use these new features but also more challenging to verify they are working properly. Software issues become more difficult to trap when we rely on human-based, manual testing.”
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