Clean Energy Trust Announces Changes to Its Board As It Celebrates 10 Years

CHICAGO – October 19, 2020 Clean Energy Trust, a nonprofit that supports early-stage cleantech startups and entrepreneurs, announced changes to its Board of Directors today. The reorganization aims to strengthen Clean Energy Trust during a critical moment in the race against climate change, when the imperative for clean technology innovation is intensifying.  

Founded by Michael Polsky, Nick Pritzker, and Amy Francetic 10 years ago, Clean Energy Trust makes seed investments through its revolving 501vc® Seed Fund, which is capitalized by corporate and philanthropic contributions. To date, Clean Energy Trust has invested in 35 cleantech companies, which include electric airplane developer Wright Electric, smart HVAC firm 75F, tankless water heater company Intellihot, and advanced battery material company NanoGraf Technologies.

With continued commitment to and support of Clean Energy Trust’s mission, Polsky and Pritzker will transition from co-chairmen of the board to chairs emeriti. Francetic will take their place as the new board chairwoman. 

“We have limited time to take action and we need to swiftly support and scale innovative technology to accelerate the clean energy revolution,” said Michael Polsky, Founder and CEO at Invenergy. “Clean Energy Trust catalyzes early-stage startups by investing in transformative technologies at a critical, nascent stage, then works to prepare them for additional investment and rapid commercialization.” 

“Nick and Michael’s ongoing leadership and support of our organization’s mission is indispensable,” said Erik Birkerts, CEO of Clean Energy Trust. “Over the last decade, their vision, leadership and contribution to our vital work has been seminal. I look forward to continuing to work with them in their new roles on the board.”

Clean Energy Trust new board members 2020

Clean Energy Trust is also pleased to announce its newest board members, Maggie Pakula, Tim Stojka, and Andrew Schwertfeger, who join as Keith Crandell and Tim Schwertfeger transition off the board. Dr. Cheryl Martin and Colleen Calhoun were also announced as new board members earlier this year.

Maggie Pakula
Maggie Pakula serves as Vice President of Strategy at Invenergy. Pakula holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University and a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering in Atmosphere/Energy from Stanford University.

Tim Stojka
Tim Stojka, CEO and Chairman at Agentis Energy, a cloud based software and data analytics firm for the energy industry and Clean Energy Trust portfolio company. Stojka holds a bachelor’s of science degree in engineering from Northwestern University and attended the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Andrew Schwertfeger
Andrew Schwertfeger is an impact investor and Emmy Award winning producer and independent filmmaker. Schwertfeger holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in film and media culture from Middlebury College. 

With the addition of Pakula, Stojka, and Schwertfeger, the Clean Energy Trust board expands to nine members. Current governing board members include: Buoyant Ventures Managing Director Amy Francetic (Chair), Exposition Ventures General Partner Karen Kerr (Treasurer), S2G Ventures Managing Director Sanjeev Krishnan, Gates Ventures Director Ashley Grosh, Harwich Partners Founder and Principal Dr. Cheryl Martin, Helios Consulting Advisor Colleen Calhoun, Invenergy Vice President of Strategy Maggie Pakula, Investor and filmmaker Andrew Schwertfeger, and Agentis Energy CEO Tim Stojka.


About Clean Energy Trust:
Clean Energy Trust provides catalytic capital and support to early-stage startups in the Mid-Continent region of the United States working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. Based in Chicago, Clean Energy Trust invests in and provides hands-on support to help entrepreneurs scale and succeed. To date, Clean Energy Trust has helped its 35 portfolio companies raise $26 of additional investment for every $1 Clean Energy Trust has invested. Clean Energy Trust is proud that 60% of its portfolio companies have female or minority founders. Learn more at



Amy Yanow Fairbanks, Communications & Content Manager
Clean Energy Trust

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