CES 2022: Enjoy Music Now in Spite of Hearing Loss

Oticon, Inc. is no stranger to CES Innovation Awards honors. CES 2022 marked the sixth consecutive year that the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) gave Oticon a shout for the company’s hearing loss technology developments. The CTA named Oticon a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree for its Oticon More hearing aids with an on-board deep neural network (DNN) that helps wearers hear accurate natural sounds. Oticon’s CES 2022 Innovation nod builds on the Oticon More platform with Oticon MyMusic.Oticon MyMusic adds signal processing algorithms and strategies to the Oticon More platform. The new feature captures and passes through music dynamics so listeners hear the sounds of performances as accurately as a person with full hearing capacity. “Oticon MyMusic is bringing music to our user’s ears,” said Oticon President, Gary Rosenblum. “This new music program delivers outstanding music sound quality and improves listening experiences for individuals living with hearing loss.”We avidly follow developments in new wearable technology in the hearing space because, in addition to my personal need for hearing help, the hearables category is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the digital health industry. Ever more capable hearing assistance devices for people on the entire spectrum from mild to profound hearing impairments go far beyond simple amplifiers that just turn up the volume. You don’t realize it till you lose it, but we learn to hear different types of sounds gradually through experience. The changing sounds of song birds differ from changes in race car motors or a cello glissando. We learn the differences over time. By creating signal processing layers that work with its DNN to accurately reproduce music dynamics, Oticon is giving us an easy-to-grasp example of future potentials in hearing assistance technology. Can you hear our enthusiasm?

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