Central and North West London utilises TPP’s medicines dashboard

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has worked with TPP to introduce a new medicines dashboard for their mental health services.
Using the clinical development toolkit in SystmOne, the Trust has developed the dashboard to provide staff with quick access to information, such as access to medication charts, blood results, care plans and resources for patients and staff.
TPP said the development has been designed to meet the needs of the service through the ‘core clinical development functionality available within SystmOne’.
Yogita Dawda, Borough Lead Pharmacist, said: “As well as the advantages of having access to resources in one place which saves time and improves communication, the dashboard has supported remote working. Standardisation will allow better benchmarking and more meaningful and accurate reporting.
“It has also helped implement national standards requiring us to have registers of patients on high-risk medicines, thereby improving safety.”
The development was introduced to tackle a problem where staff found it hard across primary and secondary care services to easily know what patients were on high-risk medications. The dashboard now allows for standardised medicine processes and lists that can be used by mental health staff on SystmOne across the Trust. High-risk medicine alerts enabled through the dashboard can also be accessed by GPs on SystmOne.
The next phase of the project is to make information and alerts for high-risk medicines available to GP practices using EMIS.
CNWL has also secured £1,485,000 in funding for e-prescribing from the Department of Health and Social Care. In November HTN announced the latest NHS trusts to receive a share of £16 million. The funding is being introduced to help trusts replace paper-based systems, with an aim to support the entire NHS become digital for prescribing by 2024.

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