Forgive me if this isn’t the proper spot for this. I just got my RHIA credential–I have a bachelor’s in Health Information Management. I’m halfway through a Master’s in Health Informatics. I have 3 months of experience in a healthcare (eyecare) environment as a medical record clerk. I have about 6 months in a public health data analysis position. I live in Indiana. ​ I’m having trouble getting my foot in the door with companies for a healthcare IT job. I’ve been considering dropping out of my Master’s as my outlook is bleak. I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position. ​ I’d also appreciate any advice established professionals in the field can provide. What roles are suitable at the entry-level? Many jobs that I would think are entry-level require ample experience. ​ I’ve learned a variety of technologies through my schooling, but only at the surface level. I know SQL, Python, Tableau, and Excel at a moderate level (5/10). I have considered acquiring certifications in Epic, but don’t know how valuable these are. ​ Thanks in advance for any advice or insight you can provide. TL;DR I don’t have much professional experience but have a Bachelor’s in Health Information Management (with an RHIA credential). I’m halfway through a Master’s in Health Informatics with no prospects of attaining a job. What can I do to enhance my attractiveness to employers and what roles should I be looking for?
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