Cancer Care Trends 2021 : A Brief Overview

With statistics showing that 1 out of every 2 people will get cancer during their lifetime, cancer care or oncology is a field with significant value to all of us. Indeed, it is a fast-moving field, with new developments, treatments, and trends appearing all the time. To stay up to speed with these developments for the coming year, check out our brief summary of the key issues, below. 
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Virtual appointments 

In a year where COVID has been a huge concern for all, the rise of virtual appointments for those in treatment for cancer makes sense. After all, people being treated for cancer are often immunocompromised. 
In fact, it is because of this that we can expect this trend to continue after the pandemic is over. Indeed, not only does it protect such patients but makes seeking support and treatment faster, more convenient, and cheaper for both patient and provider too. 
Therapeutic Trend
Instead of a one size fits all methodology, 2021 will see an increase in the personalization and precision of cancer care. Indeed, you might say that oncology is going through a refinement right now, one which is more focused on the micro needs of the individual. 
In line with these current trends in cancer, therapies include germline testing which provides more accurate data. This data is then used to craft a more personalized treatment, one that should be more effective to the patient, and in some cases reduce the side effects they experience as well. 
Additionally, immunotherapy approaches are becoming increasingly popular in oncology as well. So much so that the more traditional chemotherapy approach may become a thing of the past. 
Financial trends 
While the treatments currently being used and developed get better, the fact of the matter is that we can expect to see an increase in the rates of cancer in the coming years. That means research, development, and care in oncology will remain one of the largest areas of spending throughout health care. 
Of course, healthcare capital management providers continue to connect high-level investors with healthcare companies in the oncology field to help fund these developments. Something that ensures there is a steady flow of cash used to expedite research and bring them to market so they can start saving lives as quickly as possible. 
R&D trends 
Currently, the oncology sector is dominated by chemotherapy drugs. However, with predicated rises in the cancer rate on the horizon, the treatments currently in development are ones on which we will rely in the future. These treatments are less focused on traditional chemotherapy and rely on other approaches instead. 
In particular, a treatment, known as antibody-drug conjugates is set to dominate the market. They are designed to save healthy cells, while they shrink cancer they surround. antibody-drug conjugates have a good safety record and have shown promising in trials so far. 
Also, programmed cell death treatment looks to have potential in the field of Oncology. This treatment includes the use of cell death proteins (Known as Programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) and PD-1 ligand 1 (PD-L1)) and is something that all those specializing in oncology need to be aware of in 2021 and beyond.
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