Fluoridated water is really a measure issue now days that causes various unwanted diseases. Go through this article to know more about best water filters that remove fluoride effectively. But first take a look at what is fluoride and how it is dangerous to health.
Fluoridated water has been linked to:

9 different kinds of cancer
Learning disorders in children
Heart trouble
Premature senality
Hypertension in adult males
Birth defects
The list goes on and on

Top Ranked Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride


Reverse osmosis

1.Rejects 100+ contaminants
2.Perfect solution for well and city water
3.Noise free RO system
4.Luxurious designing
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Countertop Distiller

best distillers model

1.More faster
2.Easier and safest filling
3.Fluoridated hard water removal
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Activated Alumina

1.Removes up-to 95% of contaminants
2.Easy and simple installation
4.No extra tools required
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1.Removes more than 90% of fluoride
2.NSF certified
3.Easy maintaining
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The local government is responsible for regulating the amount of fluoride in water especially when it is intended for public consumption.
Not many people are aware of this but fluoridated water can cause bone disease and other serious health problems. The effects are not immediately seen. It may take several years before signs like mottled teeth start to show up.
What is fluoride then?
It is formed when fluorine is combined with minerals in rock or soil. This process is called fluoridation. Generally, it is beneficial to people’s health provided that it is moderately consumed. This is the reason why it is common for drinking waters to contain a small part of it. Consuming this in the right amount can promote dental health.
What are the possible health effects of fluoridation of drinking water?
Medical studies have shown that excessive consumption of fluoridated water can lead to dangerous health conditions such as bone fractures in adults and dental imperfection in children below 8 years old. However, take note that these are just some of the potential fluoride dangers that patients may encounter. Ask a physician and a dentist to obtain detailed information on fluoride poisoning.
How to know if the water that you are drinking has too much of it?
Unfortunately, this is difficult to determine. So go through reviews of best water filters that remove fluoride from your water and use it to avoid such problems.
1) Reverse osmosis water filters :
Key features

A trust worthy company and great product designed for rejecting 100+ contaminants like lead, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, micro organisms and pharmaceuticals.

Perfect solution for well and city water as it is selected as top rated brand of USA
Genuine high quality product, problem and noise free RO system
NSF certified
Higher capacity membrane acquires 75GPD good tasting water which fills the tank faster and lasts longer
Installation is much easier by following instructions and colored flow chart (available on website also)
Luxurious designing with EU style faucet
Better product than PP and carbon filters as it can reduce PPM to below 200
No headache or hesitation for replacement filters; it is easily available and easy to mount

2) Countertop water distiller :
Key features

Among various models; distillers resides their spot among best water filters that remove fluoride

Get pure and fresh water more faster with this product; it can distill 1 gallon water in just 5-6 hours
A stunning glass container material looks awesome and comes within safety shut-off
Highly rated and one of the most popular product on world top online sellers Amazon
1 year warranty is included
Manual filling of distiller is much easier and safest
Fluoridated hard water and other contaminants removed easily
Water taste is amazing as you can know by buying it
Use it on smooth surface and keep away from children

3) Activated Alumina Filters :
Key features

Removes up-to 95% of contaminants like toxic fluoride, chlorine, lead and other chemicals
Compact and space saving design that fits this product to any sink-top
Easy and simple installation can be done within only few minutes
More efficient as it is portable and allows you to use it at apartments, rental houses or temporary living rooms
Price is comparatively less than relevant products
No tools are required to mount it on your kitchen sink, assemble it with just two fingers
Made up of metal material so no chance for leakage or breaking
Home master TMJRF2 Jr F2 counter top water filter is best and ideal model of activated alumina filters

4)Brimac filters :
Key features

Mainly removes more than 90% of fluoride, chlorine and much more pollutants
Four stage countertop fluoride removal system is suites this type perfectly
Which is NSF certified (three) and one carbon block is also there
It works more effectively against fluoride as well as other impurities
Neatly assembled unit suites your kitchen faucet precisely
Easy maintaining is plus point here
These filters will lasts for long time
Designed especially for raw city water

Final thought :
Drink fluoride free water by using these top specially designed products. Hope you enjoyed this section of best water filters that remove fluoride from water. If you think any superior model is there for removing fluoride then let us know in the comments. Thank you.

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