Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews–Buyer’s Guide

Drinking more and more of water is the key to good health! Of course, this should be our health mantra but are we sure that the water we are consuming is absolutely fit for drinking? The most primary source of water in our household is tap water. Even though we might have tap water in abundance but still there might be some of us who prefer to drink a more purified form of water. Of course, boiling and water purification systems are the course of action we usually choose to purify water, but have you heard of the easier alternative to water purification? Yes, you heard it right, this is the time to buy the Best Water Filter Pitcher. If you’re one of those who find the taste of tap water to be unpleasant or if you want to get into the regime of drinking more water then buying the best pitcher water filter is the perfect solution to all your needs. Most water filter pitchers work with the help of using activated carbon filters. Carbon filters attract all the impurities present in the water along with retaining their essential minerals.  Pouring contaminated water in a filtering pitcher also helps to reduce the amount of toxins present in the water. The end result of the process leaves pure and hygienic water which is safe to drink. Going through water pitcher filter reviews will help you to decide in making a wise decision so that you can buy the best water filter pitcher.
Our top recommendations ($15 to $50):
Our survey suggests that most of the people select water filter pitchers for their home water filtration system at cheapest price around $15 to $50(As we listed below). These pitchers do their work accurately. Actually there are many other high quality pitchers are available in the market but they costs near about 150$.
Checkout Below the Best Water Filter Pitchers of 2017

BPA Free

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup

1.Easiest and convenient to use
2.BPA free designed
3.Self opening and closing lid

Brita Grand

1.Electronic filter tracker
2.Comfortable grip handle
3.Slim and sleek design
4.BPA-free pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010

1.Patented 5-stage dual-ion exchange
2.Built-in tds meter holder
3.Certified by NSF
4.Easy storage in refrigerator

Brita 10-Cup

1.10 cup large
2.Sticker indicator pitcher
4.Reduces chlorine taste and odor, mercury, copper and cadmium

PUR 5 Cup

1. Remove 99.9 contaminants
2.Faster filtration oriented model

Brita Stainless Steel

1.Brushed stainless steel body
2.Reduces chlorine, zinc taste, sulphor
3. BPA-free with locking easy-fill lid

Brita Slim 5-cup

1.Sticker filter indicator
2.BPA free and stunningly slim
3.BPA free

PUR CR-6000 7-Cup

1.Removes double contaminants
2.little bit slowly the space in refrigerator

PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage

1.Reduces more contaminants
2.Space saving design
3.Filter life indicator
4.Reasonable price

What is the Best Water Filter Pitcher?

Remove most contaminants up to 99%.
Remove fluoride at about 75-80%!
Remove chlorination byproducts at 99.6%.
Remove chloramines up to 95%!

1. Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher- 10 Cup
Key features

Provides you healthier water of great tasting for your family
10 cup large water filtration system in one filter which is more than enough
Sticker indicator is used to know about changing water filter
Standard designed model and BPA free pitcher
Reduces chlorine taste and odor, mercury, copper and cadmium as well as zinc taste
1 water filter can replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles
The quality of water is leaps and bounds above the bare tap water

2. Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup
Key features

Comparatively small 5 cup water filtration system inn 1 filter
1 water filter can replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles
Sticker filter indicator for tracking the water filter lifespan
BPA Free and stunningly slim design
Reduces Chlorine and many other contaminants
Perfect model to fit your all daily needs about water filtration
Follow the instructions listed in the manual for great working

Watch this Video for Pitcher Replacement Filters

3. MAVEA  XL 9-Cup Pitcher

Key features

Something more advanced water filter pitcher
Features are easiest and convenient to use
Fill your lifestyle with your choice color and array of sitting sizes
BPA free designed product
Self opening and closing lid adds some more points to this product
Designed well if price concerns as compared to relatively products
Durable model and easy to fill

4. Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, 10 Cup
Key features

Electronic tracker to know life of water filter
Comfortable grip handle and easy fill lid make it efficient product
Reduces chlorine, different odors and various contaminants that may harm your health and water pitcher that removes fluoride
Makes water testable within quick time
Slim and sleek design makes superb look of this model
Perfectly adjustable to your fridge
BPA-free pitcher

5. ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher
Key features

Patented 5-stage dual-ion exchange filtration system
Lead, Chromium and mercury removal special (certified)
In case of space this model designed as space oriented
Built-in tds meter holder
Certified by NSF for removing toxic minerals
Easy storage in refrigerator as contemporary sleek design
Handy dispenser at the bottom of the pitcher’s handle allows you to access water without removing the pitcher from the fridge

6. PUR 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Key features

Removes double contaminants than the parallel products
Designed to save the space in your refrigerator
An affordable solution that provides 40 gallons or up to 2 months of clean water per filter
Water taste is so much cleaner
This pitcher model is little bit slowly filter the water compared to brita pitchers but this is minor issue

7. Brita Stainless Steel Water Pitcher, 8 Cup
Key features

Brushed stainless steel body with 8 cup capacity
Reduces chlorine, zinc taste, sulphor odor and other contaminants
BPA-free with locking easy-fill lid and premium grip handle
Electronic indicator to track when to change the filter
Elegant and modern look, compact design, oval shaped water filter pitcher
Replacement filters are easy to change and before mounting read brita filter replacement instructions
Constructed with BPA free plastic

8. PUR 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher CR-4000
Key features

The first leading pitcher filter to remove 99.9-Percent of microbial cysts
Certified product to remove chlorine taste and odor
Not only does the PUR pitcher take out more of the things you do not want in your water (97% chlorine removal)
You can have your model whenever you want because of its space compressed design
BPA free product provides you much more testable water
Good everyday pitcher for clean drinking water
Water filtration process is comparatively faster than other models

9. PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator

Key features

Reduces zinc, copper, mercury and more contaminants
Space saving design allows it to fit in refrigerator
Filter life indicator is used to track filter changing mechanism
Great 2 stage filters leak less filter debris than other pitcher filters
It has an attractive look with a sleek body
The price is very reasonable on an annual basis
Fresh and testable water comes out with your this pitcher model
The LED light on top of the lid is activated by pouring, simply by the tilt of the pitcher.

Important Information
Your water filter pitcher can be ready for use in just a few steps. Wash your hands before touching the water filter, and then soak it upright for 15 minutes in cold water. Rinse under running tap water and insert the filter into the reservoir, lining up the groove in the filter with the notch in the reservoir. Add cold tap water. The first three pitchers of filtered water may contain carbon dust and can be used on plants or discarded. The filter indicator reminds you to replace your best water filter every 40 gallons or two months.
Hope you enjoyed this section about top rated and best pitcher water filters. Choose your water filter pitcher according to your need, drink clean and healthier water. If any suggestions are there then kindly let us know in the comments below.

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