Best Emergency Water Filter (Must for your camping survival kit)

Worry about carrying heavy water bottles while camping??? Traditional way is over now!! Checkout here best emergency water filter that is must to survive in disaster kind of situations. Just keep this light weight, small size product in your pocket to use where clean water is a major problem and if you don’t want to carry large water storage. Make your camping more enjoyable and memorable. Choose your best emergency water filter among following great products and go for it.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

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German Army Water Filter


AOR Water Filter Straw

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Aquamira Emergency Water Filter System

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LifeStraw Family Water Purifier

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Sawyer Mini Water Filter

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Katadyn vario water filter

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1)LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

One of the best selling product over the internet in the area of emergency survival kits
This retails for right around twenty dollars that is pretty much impressive according to its superb performance
It weighs two ounces and very light product so don’t worry about its carrying problems
Filters 99.9999 percent of bacteria or protozoa, protozoan, cysts etc dangerous contaminants
Nice thing about this product is its function that you can drink right from directly from a contaminated water source
It has a nice shape that can fit really every much anywhere in a pack

2)Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

If you are international traveler then this product is waiting for you for making your journey more easier and problem-less with respect to drinking fresh and pure water
Ignores metallic taste from your water (Sometimes even you are unaware of this taste but this problem is harmful for health)
Designed comprehensively to suite your pocket for the point of view of travelers
Filtering capacity is much higher than parallel products
Easy to pump but after long use(some years) if you thing it is hard to pump then just open it and clean carefully , your pocket filter will word as smooth as before
For easy pumping mechanism user friendly handle is there for more convenience use

3)German Army Water Filter

For any emergency situations in outings one more product that will help you for surviving in critical water conditions
Filtering capacity is much higher up to 15 microns
Small in size than lifestraw personal water filter but yet a excellent product to add to your emergency kit
Convert any dirty water into fresh water but quite hard to sip
Longer life as about 3 to 4 years that is tough to cover for relatively products and performs great throughout its whole lifespan

4)AOR  Water Filter Straw

Excellent invented product with little-bit different as you can see in the image

Perfect for conditions where water is hardly gettable or disaster kind of situations; just use it once and you will be fall in love with this product
Filtering speed is also simply superb as you can get result in just seconds
Many online shops (like provide you a free carrying case with this amazing product; you can checkout quality in customer reviews of the same
Price is comparatively less
Company gives you 100% customer satisfaction guaranty about its quality, so just go for this product and protect your family from unwanted water diseases

Instead of best emergency water filter this product resides perfect in straw types

5)Aquamira Emergency Water Filter System

Great product provided by the aquamira filter systems

Lightweight and gives out fresh safety water. Due to which capable of removing 99.99% of dangerous factors that costs into the serious diseases
No need to carry water in your bag, just look for any kind of water source, just drop this straw inside water and enjoy drinking pure water
For emergency kind of situations this type of products is ideal one as it doesn’t require any extra space or weight in your bag
If you searching for alternative option for water purification tablets (sometimes tablets doesn’t work as mentioned) then this small and classic product is perfect one for you
So, don’t think more and keep this marvelous product in your emergency survival bag which will help you at crucial situations

6)LifeStraw Family Water Purifier

It is a more frequent used type of filter, it has a similar kind of filter mechanism that small straw does, but it’s a lot more robust; can filter a lot more water and it actually can purify water filter out elements, biological elements in different things, better than the small straw can.
Filter out unwanted elements and drink pure and fresh water in just 5-10 minutes and it tastes superb as well.
So this thing can actually filter about eighteen thousand liters so that’s about 4500 thousand gallon so you can go for a few years pretty easily.
How this thing works?? you can filter out really murky water, basically use just some pond water and put it in blue little 2 liter bucket or container(as you can see here in image) that you know sense the dirty water down into the filter mechanism and it filters out.
The waste water will come out in one way and filtered water you wanna drink out in other way.
So in the top of container there is a little pre filters about 1 micron size is just to get out the bigger assets like sand, mud etc.

7)Sawyer Mini Water Filter

One of the best online selling product with higher ratings

Designed for hiking, traveling like emergency situations where water is hardly gettable
It can filter out 1,00000 gallons of water that is a huge amount
Easy to carry as it fits your pocket perfectly
Filter any kind of water so no more searching for clean water whenever you are out of home, It saves your crucial time and unwanted hesitations while enjoying your outings
Capable of removing 99.9999% of water contaminants and bacteria
Lightweight product, so no need to worry about heavy weights in traveling

8)Katadyn vario water filter

Little bit costly when compared to the parallel products; but due to its great functionality still a great product among the people who are looking for their suitable portable emergency water filter
Pistons are noticeable part of this great product, in fact it has double pistons which are capable of giving extraordinary results in less efforts
Manufactured for avoiding numerous unwanted smells, odors and contaminants
Saves your time by converting dirty water into clean, fresh water within quick time(ultra-fast process), it takes plenty time in other products to purify dirty water completely
Available only within United States
If you are thinking about going for camping with family then this product meets all your requirements needed for drinking purified water

Final thought
Hope you enjoyed our section best emergency water filter!!! Now say NO to drinking water problems while camping; add this amazing product to your emergency survival kit and be healthy to enjoy your camping. Just comment below if you think any other superior product is there.

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