Barnsley Hospital and System C develop care planning tool

A new electronic care planning tool developed by System C and Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has now gone live.
The care planning module is being used to create care plans for patients on admission and then used and updated at the bedside acting as a ‘living document’.
It includes nutrition & hydration, elimination, mobility, sleeping, tissue viability, falls prevention, psychological needs, personal cares, recording of clinical interventions, communication and venous thromboembolism, within the plan.
The new functionality is part of the System C electronic patient record used at the trust, that went live a few months ago through a remote deployment process.
Claire Grant, chief nursing information officer at Barnsley Hospital, said: “The fact that we have developed ‘one patient – one care plan’ and that the plan is truly tailored to the needs of the patient, is a great achievement for the Trust.”
“Nursing care plans add quality to the care of each patient, be personalised to that patient’s needs and provide maximum protection for nurses all while achieving gold standard in documentation. These were our objectives from the outset, and we have met them.”
“When patients stay with us, they/their families and carers, can be involved in the development of their nursing care plan at the bedside and the nurse can therefore have more time with their patients for the ‘hands on’ care.”
“The flexibility of care planning is a major benefit, as nursing practice develops and expands, nationally and locally, we know we can adapt our version to instantly reflect changes, making our care plans future proof.”
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