athenahealth Patient portal upgrade question

Can Anyone explain a recent athenahealth patient portal upgrade where ‘login with athenahealth’ was implemented for patient portal accounts? The patient is asked to sign in, then is taken from the ‘legacy’ portal login page to a notification that the account is being upgraded for additional features and easier integration into things like Apple Health. They should carefully read the “Login with athenahealth (LWA)” terms and conditions prior to proceeding and creating this new account (myIdentity). It seems like it actually provides less privacy. Previously, each tenant had a different URL that you would need to create an account for each practice you were a patient at. I contacted athenahealth at the email address specified in the T&C document but they are relatively vague. I’ve had health info compromised twice already so, I’m just a little wary’. It looks like it creates a unique patient ID #. From my understanding the patient will use this and it’s like a ‘Single Sign ON’ where they can visit a practice’s website and click on the LWA button. Once they login they will be presented with a list of practices they have visited and can select one. From there they can utilize that practice’s patient portal. They can also switch back and forth to another one – instead of having to have separate logins for each practice’s tenant. Is this correct? My question is essentially what back end changes are there? Does agreeing with the privacy policy and T&C’s mean that your health records from each practice you are affiliated with are combined for provider accessibility – more so than they were previously? – like between providers? Does it make patient records more interoperable? Does it establish a Unique patient identifier – which is kind of creepy? The FAQ does say you cannot change your email address as that is what ties all of the accounts together. There is an alternate option to contact them and request alternate credentials – but again I cannot understand what the difference is. Can someone explain this? Or is it just for ‘patient convenience’? My education was in IT and we covered things like Active Directory, unique ID’s etc but not in this context. I did read the below documents (FAQ, TOS and Privacy Policy). Can anyone provide additional info about what this is, Thank you! Terms of Service Privacy Policy LWA FAQ’
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