Are Your Ads Swimming in a Sea of Sameness or a Vibrant OCEAN?

People are different in their motivation and interests and yet the sea of sameness of one-size-fits-all fundraising dominates.  The Control ad and a Test ad both going to a single audience; the unspoken assumption is that everyone’s the same.  But what if the test failed because it did well with some people but poorly with others?

Enter the vibrant OCEAN Model, built on the Big 5 Personality traits.  Why does this matter?  Personality dictates much of what we pay attention to and click on.  For example, we know people high in Openness like quizzes and “imagine…” rhetorical messaging, others less so.  Appealing to Agreeable people is very different from those high in Conscientiousness.

Join our Behavioral Science Lab project and we’ll partner with you using our proprietary Facebook affinities to find your OCEAN people and match message to trait.

But that’s not all.  It’s time to get past the ‘make it emotional’ non-advice, advice.  We need to get more tailored to better match emotion to the person.  Ads that match or “fit” donors’ personality and emotional traits are more persuasive.

Join the DonorVoice Behavioral Science Team OCEAN project to uncover the personality and emotional traits core to your organization.

DonorVoice is offering a limited number of groups the chance to work directly with our team, for a nominal investment.

Deliverables include:

  • Identifying your dominant Personality types and emotions
  • Publish-ready Facebook ads tailored to match the target audience
  • Use of our proprietary Facebook affinities targeting to find your OCEAN
  • Results presentation and next steps

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Kiki (Chief Behavioral Scientist) and Stefano (Director of Supporter Motivation and Personality)


P.S. Still not persuaded?

How did the Facebook ad on the right increase click-through rate 28% compared to the control? 

The ad on the left has messaging and behind-the=scenes targeting aimed at those high in the trait of “Conscientiousness”,  which skews to Conservative people.  We got a 28% increase in click rates moving from the sandy desert of sameness.  As further validation, we saw a 9% drop when intentionally mismatching message to audience (with Liberals as proxy for lower “Conscientiousness”). 


Register your interest here in less than 20 seconds.