I have a background in healthcare and medical billing auditing. Just recently I accepted a position as a Staff/ IT Auditor. Even more recently a recruiter reached out to me regrading an Application Analyst position. My current position as an auditor can potentially lead to more complex IT auditing over time, but for now it’s more reviewing screenshots of servers, reviewing a list of admin with access to said servers, and finding documentation and IT tickets to verify that they were previously approved to have access to these servers. Where as this Application Analyst position will give me IT experience since that is inheritably the job function. As of now I have no interest in growing to a manger or director. But the idea of cyber security is intriguing as far as job growth in the next 5-10 years. So my question is, should I stay with the Staff/ IT Auditing position which may eventually lead to more complex IT focused auditing, or change to Application Analyst and try to grow from there? Any advice is appreciated, it’s been difficult to find an IT job where someone is willing to take a chance on me, and now that there seems to be two options I’m trying to figure out which path may be more beneficial to my career growth.
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